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If you are looking for restaurants in Tennessee and would wish to have a most luxurious and memorable dinner experience, take a look at several restaurant directories in Tennessee. These restaurant directories provide extensive restaurant lists, making your selection to find the best restaurant a cinch.

Famous Tennessee restaurants

You can find over 4,487 restaurants which might be easily located in Tennessee. And major cities like Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga located within Tennessee have a lot of restaurants catering to varied cultural cuisines.

Many of the most famous restaurants are:

Amerigo restaurant - This restaurant in Tennessee is known due to the Italian American food by using a bounty of cheeses and pastas. The foodstuff made available from Amerigo restaurant is portioned large and its served in an exceedingly warm and efficient manner. Having a dinner at Amerigo restaurant is additionally known to be reasonable priced.

Brentwood grill- This bar-style restaurant is probably the the best places to use a dinner with family. This restaurant offers American food with special drinks and wines at very inexpensive prices. It is famous for its live jazz implies that create your dinner memorable.

Pei Wei Asian diner restaurant- This restaurant offers great quality food, including appetizers, noodle bowls, dishes for instance chicken, shrimp or scallops, beef and pork. This restaurant also provides vegetarian food and is known for spicy foods

Knoxville, Tennessee has loads of restaurants. Some of the very popular ones are:

Smoky Mountain Brewery restaurant of Knoxville provides tasty and outstanding appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. This res