How to Spot an Elegant Bridal Gown by Arianna Jordan

If you are one of the lucky brides who will be wearing an elegant wedding dress on your special day, you have some beautiful dresses to choose from. Shopping for and finding an elegant wedding dress for your wedding day is certainly a lot of fun for everyone involved. Elegant wedding dresses allow the bride to show off her true style and her very own fashion sense as both the gown and designer are hand-picked and made especially for her.

Elegant bridal gowns are really works of art and should be taken seriously even while enjoying shopping for the perfect design. Depending on what fabrics, embellishments, and specific designer you have chosen, there are still many choices to be made.

With so many wedding dress designers creating beautiful gowns, it is getting more and more difficult to spot an elegant wedding dress. If you know what to look for and which designers to keep track of, you can more easily identify an elegant dress. While the bride on a budget can benefit from many elegant looks going mainstream, the bride who must have the best is sure to love some of the luxurious authentic elegant gowns available today.

The Quality

When trying to spot an elegant wedding dress, a great indication is the location at which you are shopping. Ask if the store carries elegant bridal gowns. It is also a good idea to take a look at the overall quality of the dress. If you try on a sample, does it seem to be wearing well after many people have tried it on? Is the beading falling off or does it seem to be well-stitched? Are the edges and hems frayed? Is the stitching along the seams sufficient? These are some of the most important questions regarding the overall quality of the wedding dress that you should ask yourself when considering it for purchase. Elegant wedding dresses should be of the highest quality and very well-made. If the quality is poor or even mediocre, you can bet that it is not a elegant wedding dress.

The Fabric

The most commonly used fabrics for any wedding dresses include chameuse, chiffon, crepe back satin, georgette, peau de soie, organza, and tulle. Elegant bridal gowns in most cases are made with from these fabrics. There are different versions of these fabrics that designers can choose from. For an elegant wedding dress, the fabric is made of natural materials rather than manmade polyester. For example, chameuse may be made from either silk or polyester. The more expensive elegant bridal gowns will be made from silk chameuse while the knock-offs will be made with polyester chameuse.

The Style

Fashion designers are always coming up with new designs to push the envelope, and this is also true in the wedding dress industry. You can spot an elegant wedding dress when you see a new style or a daring neckline that has not been around too long. Keep an eye on the spring and fall runway shows, as wedding dress designers also make their collections debut during fashion weeks. Knowing what is in style on the runway will give you an idea if a wedding dress is a designer dud or a style that has been embraced as daring and elegant.

The Fit

A elegant wedding dress should always have a fabulous fit and with good reason. Elegant wedding dresses fit so well because they are often custom-made especially for the bride?s body. The designer will take the measurements and make the dress based on those measurements. Once the dress is made, the bride goes back to the designer for several fittings where a seamstress will tailor the dress even more to flatter the bride?s figure and even hide any imperfections!

When shopping for a wedding dress, you should keep in mind that elegant wedding dresses can be found at other venues than the designer?s shop. Top designers can be found at high end department stores, not just little expensive boutiques and bridal shops. You can also find elegant wedding dresses at consignment shops, auctions, and sample sales.

If you are a bride on a budget and long for an elegant bridal gown, these tips will help you spot one a little more easily. While some knock-off wedding dresses are made so well these days that it may be hard to tell, there is nothing like an authentic elegant bridal gown. As long as the dress fits you well and makes you feel like a beautiful bride, nothing else matters except the memories and the enjoyment you experience on your special day.