Helcap Helmet- A Unique Blend of Safety and Elegance



The Motorbike Riding is a thing of fun, thrill, and adventure. The riders often have two major apprehensions while riding, first is security while riding, in light of the rising number of accidents of two wheeler riders over the years. Riding always involves fun and adventure together, however, if one who does not meet the safety guidelines while riding, can easily become the victim of sudden and unfortunate accident. Hence, DOT approved helmet is the first thing a rider should wear to avoid any unfortunate injuries, as fatal head injuries can cause of permanent disability and even the human loss.



It has been observed that stylish and elegant look is the priority for maximum riders. Fancy bike with a stylish helmet is the demand of most of the riders. For them at one end, it gives trendy look; on the other end it leaves an excellent impression on the others on road i.e. neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. People often wear the baseball cap under the helmet to give their helmet a stylish look, which sometimes proves a quite uncomfortable combination when it comes to removing and wearing it a number of times while riding and otherwise. Apart from this, it is quite scratchy too in handling.



Helcap brings a perfect solution to this problem by introducing Cap Helmets i.e. a unique combination of Cap & Helmet that takes care of both safety and style of the Motorcycle rider when it comes to riding a Motorcycle or Motorbike. It has placed a baseball cap on the helmet itself, which gives it the most stylish and graceful look to a rider. Helcap offers a variety of stylish helmets i.e. Helmet cap, half helmet, DOT – half helmet, Baseball helmet and so on. It also provides Cap helmets in both segment i.e. DOT approved and Non DOT helmets such as Novelty-Half Helmet etc.