Making process for the high quality product paper

We need strict making process for any products, so does for paper, especially for the food packaging paper. China paper suppliers should pay high attention to the quality of the food packaging paper, especially for its making process which needs strict control.


First of all, we can talk about the purchasing system. Enterprises should develop raw materials procurement management system. Meanwhile, enterprises should organize quality departments to participate in supplier qualification for raw material supplier selection, management, procurement of raw materials, inspection or verification of the implementation of effective control to ensure product raw materials used to meet the requirements. We all know that material is the first process for making goods. Only control from the original source, can we make the high quality products for consumers. For my own experience, I like the China high-class leatherette paper best as I think it is a high quality product from my providers. What’s more, we should consider the products’ process management. Enterprises should develop raw materials accounting and the materials shall not use recycled materials, industrial raw materials and contaminated materials. Production process should deal with the use of the Central Plains to monitor and auxiliary materials, inks, pigments in food contact surfaces shall be printed. The production process should not be used optical brighteners. There is prohibiting for using preservatives, mercury, halogen elements, phosphorus and other elements.


Paper has a tight connection with our daily life. Thus we should pay high attention to its process management. Even for durable double gray cardboard in China, we should control the making process too.