Well as I am still knew to this you can actually see it any ways this post goes along with the post title called nerves,nerves,nerves. I am just nervous about tomorrow. I have an interview and all I am thinking about is just nerves like I cant get over them and its really making start to doubt myself and my capability. Well its all natural to be nervous but where I am currently standing its totally abnormal. I am scared that I wont be able to answer all their questions and the worst part is that I really need this job *sigh*. I have a son to take care of so getting this job would mean the world to me. Yeah I am still young and already have so much responsibility but at least I am trying to do what is best for him. *chuckles* I probably shouldn't have said all this but I guess its the nerves,i seriously need to calm down or I will go bananas and end up not making the interview because of these nerves. *little speech to self* I am destined for great things and I know that God would never leave nor forsake me I trust in him and I am trusting him for tomorrows interview amen.