productive time wasters

Let's face it, we all have one activity that we would rather do than spend an hour or two on a boring task. Aint no shame in it, we all have our guilty pleasures and time wasters. My time waster is surfing the web. But it's not on some pointless activity like stalking celebrities or endless streams of instagram photos or just plain time wating, no! I surf the web for interests close to my heart. One of such interests is reading 'Thought Catalog' blogposts. It's not very often that you find something in cyberspace that inspires you so much(maybe pinterest), but thought catalog inspires me beyond words and it has restored my faith in writing and in myself. Thought catalog is literally a catalog of thoughts from different writers with meaningful contributions. A few thought catalogers I find interesting and inspiring are Brianna Wiest(@briannawiest), Lance Pauker(@LancePauker), Rob Fee(@robfee) and Chelsea Fagan(@Chelsea_Fagan). I gain lots of insight and inspiration from them. I can rely on Rob and Lance to find great songs for my playlist. Briana is a great list maker and I love how she gives life lessons and advice in a list(truely exceptional). Chelsea is a delight to read. Her light humour and penmanship is sure to have you going back for more. Basically, thought catalog is a productive time waster (it's a compliment) and I can't picture a better way to kill time. Other bloggers to look out for: Daniel Coffeen, Ramon Lontok, Meghan Seawell.