Queens Criminal Traffic Defense Attorney

Traffic offenses are normally thought of as moving violations which can result in minimal punishment such as small fine which can be easily paid or the completion of community service. However, there are varieties of traffic offenses that are considered to be criminal under Queens’s law. This law has strict penalties which includes jail time and hefty fines. If you have been convicted then you may deal with some serious ramifications. It is very important to protect your future by working with an experienced and qualified Criminal Defense Attorney Queens. He can effectively argue your case in the court of law and help you in achieving favorable solution. The offense of reckless driving is defined as using any vehicle that unreasonably interfere with public use or unreasonably endangers users on the road. This offense can result in a fine up to $250 or imprisonment for up to 15 days. Criminal traffic offenses also include vehicular homicide. There are many criminal defense attorneys in the Queen city that can help you avoid severe punishments. So make sure that you drive properly in the traffic in order to avoid such incidents. They can turn into nightmare when the case is not handled properly.