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We're almost certain you'll end up in a flutter.

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Diamond Tips For Vibrators

by Rachel Ann-bradley

Are diamonds a really women companion well have a read and then think about it.

1. What women want?

That's the question what do we want, well I will say a line of things but what is it that keeps us going. Can it be content things, Love, independence or perhaps sex.

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Do they can even make us happy or do they keep factors ticking over, the one thing which makes me giggle is the old saying diamonds are a girls best friend really what they must say is Diamonds are a girls best friend if ordered by someone else since lets face it there not cheap (well not the ones I would like anyway).

3. Love

What's love? Why do we have to love someone to be together why cant we just be friends and have sex it is formula for a good relationship, I've found always to be a pain-in the ass.

It appears to create a lot of issues and have you ever just said it in a response but made you cringe slightly when that big word Love is mentioned. I've been told previously that one may just Love somebody for 2 years which will be perhaps true because nearly all my connection have broken-down round the 2 year mark. Mail me if you feel exactly the same.

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That is what you lose in a relationship always wanting or looking to keep