"Mission Impossible 4" killer Prada bag with the money market that sold out

Since 2012 film "Mission Impossible 4" release, viewers have asked Mission Impossible 4 killer Which package is. The Chinese name is prada bag killer package, all because of the movie camera to show the killer Mona repeatedly carry. Then this bag sold, sold out several times. Today small will take you to see the true face of Mission Impossible 4 with the money bag.

PRADA once environmental changes in fashion circles in the 1970s near the brink of bankruptcy, the designers have found a nylon fabric in the 1990s and as a foundation for reform finally break loose, the name of "Less is More" slogan minimalist doctrine emerge across the board . Again reputation earthquake in the "Mission Impossible 4" aggressively, an avant-garde achievements killer bag PRADA, elegant fashion elements immediately captured the hearts of fans, reportedly a shelf bag, PRADA boutique Peninsula Shanghai had already been swept away, and now has become a baby PRADA boutiques.

The killer package minimalist styling and luxurious fabrics to create a myth of Replica Prada Handbags, moderate size make it a white-collar workers, the daughter of choice, there are four types of bags: are mini bag width 26cm; height of about 17cm; depth of about 10cm; portable diameter of about 11cm; shoulder strap length 94 ~ 103cm; trumpet section width of 29.5cm, height about 20cm, depth of about one third, 5cm; strap length 97cm, width of 1cm (available regulation); No. section width 37cm; height of about 26cm; shoulder strap length 97cm, width of 1cm (adjustable); large section width of 39cm; height of about 42cm; depth of about 18cm; double handles height of about 13cm.