A Self-Publisher's Guide To Computer Data Backup

Invest in an internet backup software to make the procedure simpler. That way, in case your computer gets damaged or stolen, everything is safe. If prompted, select your language (English) and click the Following button.

Large companies spend millions of dollars every year to keep their computer data safe and to have backup copies of that data. Data storage and backup is a huge industry. Some companies exist just to do this for other businesses. Buildings are built just to house backup copies of data. Hardware and software solutions are sold every day and employees and contractors are hired just to oversee data backup solutions. Companies can't afford to lose their data to software bugs, hardware failures, natural disasters, human error, or even intentional human actions (would someone really intentionally delete data?). Today's large businesses recognize the importance of data and they are willing to spend money to protect it.

Data can be lost through power surges, computer crashes, fires and theft to name a few. You wouldn't leave your home unlocked and the doors wide open without any occupants, so be sure to close the door to possible losses and theft of data.

But if you decide to go for and online storage disk then you will have a less control of it. It will be a bit cheaper than the dedicated one as well. The data backup companies facility will be more prone to security threats as being online storage of data can lead to leak of some of your important data as well.

If you're looking for a portable backup solution, and aren't needing to save multiple hard drives full of data, then a USB memory stick is perfect. These offer storage of up to 32GB of data and provide a secure, portable method of storage. I currently use an 8gb USB flash drive which is great for dragging essential applications, spreadsheets, and even a live