guide for FFXIV beginners

I name embarrassing, often mixed betta believe FF14 area is no stranger to my friends. Because there are many close friends recently wanted into the pit, but suffer from verbal communication, data sources and various problems that the game is very difficult to get started FF14. In fact, I myself got a 2.2 after opening underachiever 50's, is now removed from the group in the Japanese fixed yesterday just pushed through eight layers. Next, I will explain to you about the current 2.2 version of FF14 international service some novice quickly upgrade equipment and other essentials Qingong mixed reviews progress group, I hope my experience can help to you.

Prior to this let's talk about each job. Each wants into the pit of my friends will have the same question: what kind of job badly either:?? What career is right for me first FF14 is a game very similar to WOW, WOW Japanese said he was not excessive, then naturally you In selecting their main occupation should take into account their professional orientation.
There are two tanks, a total of five career professional output, respectively, monks, Dragoon, Dark, summon, poet. Since I personally play the main tank, so the DPS classes for everyone to briefly explain the. Which is undoubtedly the most suitable for novice poet, the poet has a superior maneuverability, interrupted and decent AOE damage. Followed by the Dark, also known as law lords, Dark has a Guards hurt (especially AOE), but it takes a long time due to read the article, leading to delays in this profession for domestic players wore not too friendly, and articles in the Dark Aggression often ostracized.

WOW summon equivalent of surgery Lord, multi-target has a pretty good battle abilities, but because of overburdened in Qingong chapter, just getting started is not recommended friends to use. Monks and Dragoon are two melee, one of the best single output, but in the copy of the frequent need to grab the waist, back and other moves to grab the output cycle, and therefore the need for more long-range career compared BOSS comprehension skills ( especially monks, play well you can play Guards DPS, we have a fixed group of monks playing 380 + 8 floors throughout the second injury). If you are conscious of their actions and have confidence, then choose your favorite professional bar.

There are two nurse, white magic and academics. Honestly FF14 this game itself is very unfriendly for the nurse, the nurse 2.5 seconds GCD leads need to be very keen ability to predict, especially in Qingong chapter, the pressure to nurse you want to cry, so he did not recommend playing the novice wasteland nanny. If you own operations and delays are confident, it will mention recommended to play white magic, the reason behind.
Specific processes []
1-50, there's really nothing to go along with the main line. Main experience is very rich, so the branch can not do not do so after the second practice time can have a professional experience of quests. Relatively low-level copy also are relatively simple, I'll pick a few relatively hard copies for everyone briefly explain it.
LV35 copy: This copy can be said that the first threshold FF14. I remember the way the mobs hit small bees, or T will be directly killed. The old one needs to always pay attention to their own DEBUFF column, immediately after the death sentence to step on the glowing stone can be lifted this effect, or direct spike. It is worth mentioning that stepped on the slate will be extinguished, and so it is best to step teammates after coming together, so it was not stepped appear embarrassment. TAB cut dick remember what the goal is not to see itself as the core, the core crushing hit after the body will hurt, the subsequent stage BOSS will randomly chasing a target, being chased, then click on it to run. Finally, there's really nothing BOSS, T long pull on the line BOSS, DPS strange pull the stone on stone to kill, and then out of what to play.
LV38 copy: an old T mobs do not pull, so the nurse kite, DPS BOSS Kuangchou body on the line. Finally, pay attention to see it Chimera read the article, if it is to stay away from frost roaring BOSS, if it is close to the roaring thunder BOSS. These two are not the scope roaring circle prompt, please pay more attention.
LV41 copy: final BOSS SW of Felmyst like, where to hide the side bar on the other side would spray.