Traditional Clothing With A Pinch Of Trend And Style

Do you want to be comfortable yet stylish? Do you want your style to have the traditional look? Then this season look out for the most comfortable of clothing, Salwar Kameez. Choose this stylish and comfortable clothing this season and make it part of your wardrobe. Spend the season with tradition and style!

Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular dresses worn by women of South Asian and Central Asian origin. The versatility of this outfit makes it fit to be worn on various occasions. This can be very fashionably worn at parties, weddings, semi formal occasions and business events. Ladies of all ages and stature can comfortably wear it and look stylish. The unlimited cuts and designs make it comfortable for women of all physical statures.

Salwar Kameez is a traditional outfit of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian women. It can be worn in multiple styles keeping ones preference and appearance in check. Kameez is the item used as a shirt in this outfit, while Salwar is the lower pants or trousers. The Kameez can have varieties of cuts and designs and the salwar too can vary in design and look, depending on the trends or requirement of the occasion. This clothing item can be made highly fashionable with the cuts, designs and embroidery.

Some common variations of Salwar Kameez are used almost by everyone. Long Kameez and Salwar has been a trend of the past year. The Kameez, longer than the normal length, with either a fitted or a straight pajama is quite in demand. A-line shirts were widely seen, where the Kameez is fitted at the bodice, getting loose as it goes lower. A straight shirt with a fitted pajama is also a variation in a similar cut.

A short Kameez with heavily pleated Salwar was a very popular 70s style, it made an appearance again claiming popularity in the near past. Another widely liked style is the Kurta Salwar. Kurta is the shirt with two kallis in the front. In older times silver and even golden buttons were used on a kurta to decorate it. A short shirt with a baggy salwar called patyala style is very popular especially among young girls.

Designers take full advantage of this widely liked clothing. Keeping the Salwar and Kameez as a base they create different looks making it very trendy and fashionable. For example the salwar was turned in Capri pants with either a very long or medium length kameez. A kurta with churi dar pajama is another famous example of traditional and stylish clothes. The churi dar pajama is also used with short shirts to create a fashionable style.

Heavy embroidery on Kameez is normally worn at functions like weddings. The more stylish forms with different cuts and designs too are commonly worn by women at weddings. Usually for formal occasions, the colors of the outfit are more vibrant and bright depending on the theme. The materials used to create this outfit are many. Some however are used more often than the other as in formal or semiformal get togethers.

In summers, lawn material is commonly used for Salwar and Kameez. Lawn comes in various colors and designs and is ideal summer material for Kameez. So start creating your wardrobe with trendy Salwar Kameez this season.

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