The Simpsons (Classic): “The Canine Mutiny”

Challenges writer Bart Simpson on behalf of The Simpsons' always there. He always walked a thin line Dennis the Menace and bad seed among only through a careful balance and mischievous Bart encounters, rebellious child who occasionally lack of sympathy, but never a lack of heart. when this balance was not reached, Bart become antisocial, andyellow demon spawn neither understand nor care about his surroundings to create a huge damage.


In the final stretch eight seasons, Bart leans toward darker roles, and more revenge side, this is how the plot sequencing problems. "Canine Mutiny" of The Simpsons Seasons 1-25, many of whom are ruthless moments Bart's, so closely lit heels "My sister, my nanny" and "Elementary School Confidential" two events, Bart devil horn at their longest.Bart totally redeemed himself in the season 8 finale, "The Secret War Lisa Simpson," but "rebel" is Bart first began to show some real plot reflect on their own behavior.