How to Make Wedding Invitations

Custom Design Wedding InvitationsNot only is it a good way to save money on a wedding, but designing custom made wedding invitations can be a good project for a creative bride or groom, lends a personal touch to the wedding details and makes a lovely souvenir for the bridal party and for guests. Brides especially may wish to custom design invitations; consider these designing tips.

Using a Good Design Program

Find a good design program such as Photo-Paint, Photoshop, or InDesign. Trial versions of these programs can usually be found on the internet and they last for a limited time. These trial versions are good for learning how to use the program. For further use of the programs, they can be purchased at computer or electronic stores.

The best way to learn a program without an instructor is by experimentation. With a trial version of these programs, a user can experiment and learn which program works best for him or her. Having the ability to experiment for free is a great opportunity that should not be wasted. While experimenting with the program, take a look at all the menu items and choices for creative play.

Creative Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

Before beginning the invitation design, take the time to look through samples of professional invitations for ideas on the style of the invitation, as well as appealing paper samples. Also, read the sample invitations as examples of proper etiquette when writing the text itself.

Do not be afraid to try visual effects on photos, using different text fonts, making new colours, and experimenting with composition. Consider these creative composition ideas:

Set the page as either landscape or portrait. Find a good, clear photo of the bride and groom and set it in the background as a watermark. Most design programs have this option. Then use a text font and colour that will appear vibrant against the watermark.

Set the page as landscape. Find a good, clear photo of the bride and groom and set it to one side of the page. Try different photo effects on it, just to see how appealing it is. Remember that the undo button can always take the composition back a step in case the effect is not appealing. Then put the text on the other side of the page, like a card. Note: cards are more visually appealing with the text on the right and the photo on the left.

Set the page as landscape. Find a good, clear photo of the bride and groom, make it fairly small and set it near a bottom corner of the page. Do not put it too close to the corner as it may not print out properly. Take up the rest of the page with the words, framing them around the photo at the bottom.

These suggestions may work best borderless, as DIY wedding invitation kits often have stationery with borders. Be sure to leave a margin around your text and photo to have space for a border.

It may also be useful to save several different versions of the invitation, rather than continually making changes that may or may not be erasable later. In the end, you will have more choices, and you can easily go back to the drawing board if nothing works out.

Printing DIY Wedding Invitations

Self printing DIY wedding invitations is a great idea for saving money on a wedding. Do-it-yourself wedding invitation kits can be found at craft stores, stationery stores and online. These kits come with instructions for formatting the page and printing. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.

Always print a test page. This can be done on regular paper, simply to double check the composition appeal, the border, the text size. The photo quality and colours are best tested on the stationary chosen for the actual invitations. Along with instructions, most DIY kits come with extra pages for test printing. Also, it is advisable to purchase more invitations than needed in case of printing problems.

Brides, before making a final decision, be sure to show your groom the invitation design for his input, and vice versa.

For do-it-yourself brides or grooms, designing a wedding invitation will help save money on the wedding details, can be an enjoyable project and can result in beautiful wedding invitations.