How to Create Your Book on Amazon

Quite a while before, on a desk-top far, far away... My mom discovered next by browsing newspapers.

Who has not dreamed of not only writing their own guide, but seeing it in publications o-n, having a copy for their shelf, buying 'five copies for my mother'?

Well, you will do it for some cybernetic elbow grease and a $99 fee. This site will show you how I did it, and odds are you can do it too. I have been reading for several years about Print On Demand, the nifty new techology where you put in PDF files on one end (One for the cover, one for the insides) and a beautiful, perfect-bound, bookstore-quality book comes out another. I have even seen the technology in action at an document imaging tradeshow (that's my career, from the way.)

I have known as a way to self-publish, including my very own father others who have used Print On Demand (POD). To discover more, please check-out: visit site. My problem with that is I've no room within my garage for books, I do not need to get involved in the act of selling and transport books, handling earnings, and so forth.