The Politics of Scrabble

The Politics of Scrabble

Friday night while some individuals were venturing out to dinner or the newest movie, Susan and I finished dinner and settled into a raucous game of Scrabble. Yes, I said messy because when we play Scrabble, it's a rigorous problem attempting to beat Susan at this game. Hit this web site trevor wilson exit strategies for business critique to research the reason for it. Dig up more on the affiliated web site by clicking tumbshots. She's really good.

When I was a young child and played Scrabble, I often felt that my vocabulary and spelling skills were a benefit to earning, and often did get lots of the time. But, Susan has taught me that it is not just how many letters that you use, it's how you use the letters. As it happens that I played the game and Susan represents the strategy.

Running a business, we often find ourselves playing the-game. We know what has to be done and because of our childhood and being trained a worker attitude since we were children, we head to work in our business as employees instead of entrepreneurs. We're essentially playing the-game.

Business nevertheless requires a strategy to win. Much like playing Scrabble, it is not the number of hours that we work that makes us successful. It is the technique in the way that we work that makes the difference. We can be employees within our business or we can create jobs for employees in our business. The choice is ours.

It's an easy task to get lost in the details of our everyday duties once we will be looking at our business from day to day. We become overrun with the minute particulars, trying to play all of the functions that are needed to keep the company going along the path of our vision of what it is said to be. We believe it is hard to determine how we can trust others to meet those roles and get the job done as good as we may. It's hard to release.

The truth is that as we continue to carry to our task load, we defeat the purpose of getting a small business in the very first place. To work less and earn much more. Hence we find ourselves burnt-out, frustrated and just plain tired of all the junk that switches into running the business. Identify further on our favorite related essay by clicking trevor wilson exit strategy business.

Many individuals at the point of stress just quit and get back to the planet of being an employee. Instead that just take the actions that can ultimately make the company work, we break down and quit, thinking that it is impossible and that we can never change.

I lately read a book called 'The E Myth Revisited.' I-t talks about business and how exactly to shift the thinking from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. It is an incredibly easy read and it has a lot of excellent a few ideas in it. I suggest it.

Just what exactly does this have to do with Scrabble? Nothing really except that with no strategy I generally drop. The truth is in the over 30 times I've performed Susan I've only won one time. Can it be because I'm stupid? Maybe. But I think that that's not the main reason. I really believe that Susan benefits because she has a strategy to win. My cousin found out about consumers by browsing books in the library.

One day my strategy will be just like hers. 1 day I'll win many games in a line. Until then, I will continue to focus on my approach. I will create my strategy based on what she does to win. I'll see, content, imitate and down-right mimic what she does and then modify it to my own style.

Isn't that exactly how we win running a business too?.