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FZ400R12KS4 is a perfect IGBT transistor module for your commercial, agriculture and construction vehicles or CAVs. With a light weight of 2.2 lbs, FZ400R12KS4 is designed for high frequency switching, making it the perfect IGBT transistor module for CAVs.


FZ400R12KS4 also features high short circuit capability, self-limiting short circuit current, low switching losses, and high creepage and clearance distances. With its unparalleled robustness, your CAVs would have power beyond the limits!


Since FZ400R12KS4 guarantees optimal performance, flexibility and reliability, this IGBT transistor module is not only suitable for CAVs. It is also proven to be beneficial to other target applications such as:


Solar and wind converters,

Induction heating, and



Your CAV deserves the best IGBT transistor module! Order yours today at USComponent.com and experience the ease and comfort that FZ400R12KS4 can provide for you!



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