China kitchen cabinet competition trend in 2015 (1)

Competition is everywhere nowadays. After nearly 20 years of rapid development for China cabinet industry, not the window and door accessories suppliers China, but also the cabinet industry by the early regional competition has gone into the industry to compete with other industries!


Now we can have some simple research about the China kitchen cabinet competition trend in 2015. Previously, the home building materials industry is basically lock very precise target for customer brand stores opened in the building materials market or building materials Street. In the last two years, as the market competition intensifies, "adequate" is becoming increasingly apparent, cabinets store has moved into commercial or residential district MALL open mini stores and all the marketing activities of the front which is closer to the customer! From this aspect, we can see that not for the competition in kitchen cabinet; you will find out the serious fight when you go to buy safe and practical window lock which belongs to window and door accessories. What’s more, promotional time in the cabinet industry is relatively concentrated before. Meanwhile, what they fight is which industry's voice is bigger than other voice. Now what they fight is the time! For example, the May Day and National Day is the annual marketing focus; now it is more important than 315 promotional May. The previous May Day promotion is April 20 start, now basically it is the April 10! Early promotional activities, promotion of high frequency and long renovation cycles and customer selection period will make them can be done better choice over customers from forcing major businesses put price thus gradually moving toward a vicious cycle of price wars!


We all want to make money from every industry. Then how could we win this war in the peace age. Just like the owner of discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China said that we should fight with our quality and service.