Wholesale much stronger version of African superman sex pills

Wholesale much stronger version of African superman sex pills

As the name suggests, when you use our pill, you could become a superman. If you are new to our product, I would introduce you the effect of best sales male enhancement product African superman. The physiological mechanism of penile erection process in the corpus cavernosum nitric oxide release of sexual stimulation, thus lead to the cavernous smooth muscle relaxation and blood filling.

   The pharmacodynamic effects of ginseng on erectile response: pilose antler of young stags is a highly selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors, PDE5 in the penis is highly expressed in the corpus cavernosum, and other tissues including platelets , vascular and visceral smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, low expression. Experiments show that the efficacy could sustain four hours, but the effect is weak after two hours taking. Pilose antler of young stags response to the myocardium: whether normal or diseased cardiac conduction tissue, endothelial cells, the presence of PDE5 not lymphoid tissues, thus ginseng has no positive inotropic effect , not directly affect myocardial contractile function.

   Instructions of best sales male sex pills African superman: general dosage 50mg-100mg, 1 hour before sexual activity taking. Daily dose should not exceed once. For most patients , the recommended initial dose is 50mg, in about 1 hour before sexual activity taking ; But any time prior to sexual activity in the 0.5 to 4 hours of taking is also available. Due to the higher plasma levels may also increase the efficacy and incidence of adverse events, the starting dose is preferably 25mg to these patients.

   Even the best pill has side effect include our sex pills. The side effects of best African superman sex pills is the following: The common side effects are mild headache, facial flushing, indigestion, but will soon disappear; Less common side effects including temporary changes in color vision, increased eye sensitivity to light, blurred vision. If this pill mixed with other nitrate drugs, it may make your blood pressure lower, leading to life-threatening. While taking African superman, you should not drink, if not, the effect may greatly reduced. Young people under 18 years old can not use our product.

   Distinct features of best sales male enhancement product African superman: Our pill is totally natural and herbal. It is extracted from floras, 60 kinds of trace elements by regulating the endocrine system, endocrine system making the body strong, improve central nervous system excitability, thereby stimulating a sense of male desire, the enhancement ability of male .