Male impotence

Fast Sue Doctor Male impotence is a common type of sexual dysfunction disease, as men in social work pressure increasing, many male friends on the sex on the red light.Impotence in men's influence is very big, not only against the self-confidence, will also affect fertility. In daily life, if we can do the following 6 requirements, then our sexual ability certainly would not have imagined so bad.

1, the personality is bright, not for a mere bagatelle around, open mind is not old trick, depression can lead to impotence.

2, to believe in yourself, sexual function is normal, strong, is rich in reproductive ability.In spirit based on the invincible position, it is crucial for middle-aged people often.

3, take vitamin E capsule everyday, it can delay the aging of the body and sexual failure.

4, life is humor.The great secret of humor and wit is to keep young.

5, trying to quit smoking, alcohol, gambling, keep enough sleep.

6, often in sports, especially jogging or walking, exercise the lower half.The rise and fall of the sexual function of "critical" in the waist and feet

7, choose a suitable for their own health products for men." recommend Africa super man to you