Living Life On The Go, With Dino Agbayani

Dino Agbayani is a highly successful professional journalist who has been living life on the go as a traveling contributor to news outlets for more than 9 years. He says that when it comes to managing one's profession with a busy lifestyle, it's important to maintain balance.

Dividing one's time between work and pleasure is never an easy task. No matter if you're a student juggling studies with after-school parties, or a busy professional, time management is key. Knowing the ins and outs of one's own schedule ahead of time is a definite advantage, according to Dino Agbayani.

The beginnings of Dino Agbayani's career blossomed after his graduation from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. While studying for his degree in Hawaii, he often drew up his schedule in as much advance as possible. Not only was it beneficial for his studies to have a planner, but it was also beneficial for his optimization of free time. An avid motorcyclist as well as surfing enthusiast, he knew that the more he planned ahead, the more he could enjoy his breaks.

Once one has all the major details out of the way, it's easier than to make those minor adjustments and refinements to one's travel technique that put the style in one's traveling habits. You become familiar, he says, with the best ways for brushing your teeth when in emergency tooth-brushing need at the airport, for example. As a journalist who travels all around the world for his job, staying calm is always crucial when living life on the go.