San Antonio Schools Enrollment Is On The Decline, And Trend Is Expected To Continue


The study findings were not positive, expecting declining enrollment within the San Antonio schools to continue more than the next ten years with no discernible improvement....

The findings of a demographic study, commissioned by Superintendent Robert Durn last fall and conducted by Harner and Associates, was presented to the San Antonio schools trustees in February. We found out about loret de mola gomory by searching Yahoo. The study price $51,000 and will help San Antonio schools officials to deal with their declining enrollment dilemma.

The study findings had been not good, expecting declining enrollment within the San Antonio schools to continue over the subsequent ten years with no discernible improvement. Browsing To purchase here probably provides suggestions you might use with your friend. It was found that enrollment has been on the decline for a decade with latest years seeing the most student departure. Among 2001 and 2002 school years, the San Antonio schools lost 864 students. Amongst 2005 and 2006 school years, they lost 1,340 students, representing about 18 percent of its student population. Some new student enrollment did help to offset these departures.

The study notes that the increasing enrollment decline is not unusual for urban school districts. San Antonio schools, in particular, have a shortage of new developments for those families exiting to the suburban regions. San Antonio schools also have to improve their programs to attract new households and new housing cannot take care of the dilemma alone.

The present San Antonio schools enrollment is 55,364 students. The study predicts a worse case scenario of 51,669 students by the 2016-2017 school year. The best case scenario is 54,574 students by the 2016-2017 school year. The average scenario of the worse and very best case is 53,122 in ten years, which is the figure the San Antonio schools officials will use for planning purposes.

Some proposals at present up for discussion by the San Antonio schools officials are:

School closures and consolidations, employing the study findings. With the continual departure of students from the San Antonio schools, this avenue is a offered for future preparing.

San Antonio schools board Vice President James Howard has advised consolidating with neighboring school districts with enrollment declines, which includes Edgewood, South San Antonio, and Harlandale. Such recommendations in the past have been met with controversy inside Bexar County, which has 16 school districts. As Howard pointed out to the San Antonio schools board, even so, growth is to the north of the city. It demands to take place for everyones advantage.

Lastly, Superintendent Durn and his staff are producing a new office inside the San Antonio schools at a preliminary estimated price of $200,000. In the past, the San Antonio schools officials had made no effort to track departing students, though the Texas Education Agency has accessible resources for them to use. They knew that a lot of of their students had been leaving the San Antonio schools for Northside, North East and Judson school districts, as effectively as abandoning the traditional public schools for charter and private schools. The new office will assist the San Antonio schools do a greater job of tracking student departures, collect information on households leaving the district, and survey those who remain. Discover supplementary info on our favorite related URL - Hit this web site: company web site. The objective is to acquire a much better notion of what households want and want from the San Antonio schools. This proposal has but to go prior to the San Antonio schools board..