How To Market Your Small Business by Kaitlyn Miller

We see them on billboards, on television, on cinemas, and now in the Internet. Advertising does play a huge role in making a business known. Running a small business often means having a huge difficulty in advertising it. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk of advertising is the expense. Indeed, advertising is expensive, that is if you don?t use the right avenue. This in turn results in ineffective advertising thus failing you to reach your customers.

But why is advertising important? Simple. It is one of the most popular and effective means of luring short- and long-term customer to patronize your products or services. A simple word of mouth is often not enough to get attention from the crowded marketplace. Although is one of the most effective methods of advertising, it still comes at a price and it can either make or break your business.

The question now is how do you advertise your small business without spending a lot? Often, small businesses get stuck in thinking of low cost advertising avenues to use that won?t break their budget. There are several decisions you have to make in creating your advertising plan. These include:

? A logo and color scheme. Choose a logo that is catchy and creative. Use colors that complement with each other to create a symbol that would enhance business recognition.

? Signs in front. If your business has a storefront, create signs that would easily catch the attention of passersby. Use colors and designs that are easily seen on the street.

? Create the right emotion. When your patrons see your banner or logo do you want them to feel excited, happy, or enticed? Is your business for fun, quality, or casual appeal? Make sure that your marketing plan reflects the right image you want.

Now, for the marketing avenue to use, there are actually several methods you can choose from.

? Business cards ? these are small cards that carry your business name, address, contact number(s), and any other pertinent information regarding your business.

? Postcards ? are actually simple cards that are meant to be mailed to customers and potential customers. Often, they are used for advertising purposes, other times as a reply form or an insert to company letters. Postcards are inexpensive, simple, and easy to produce.

? Brochures ? are leaflet types of material that are used to showcase all the products and services of the company in an easy-to-read and eye-catching manner. A brochure basically sums up everything about the company; it is the face of the company in the business world.

? Stationery, pens, t-shirts, sticky notes, and others. These marketing tools are used to promote the business in a more artistic manner. As these materials are often used by customers, they can be effective carriers of the business name. They are also cost-effective to produce taking up only a small amount of your budget.

So, which marketing avenue is right for your business?

A cookie house or bakeshop can create fliers announcing an open house or tasting party. A car wash can use discount coupons. Fliers can work for service companies, and brochures for inns and hotels. And in all businesses, printing business cards will always help introduce you and your business to your target customers.

With little effort and a good marketing plan, you can easily grow your business and maintain good customer relations. These strategies won?t actually take up most of your budget. Once you find the right avenue with which to attract a steady flow of customers, you are on your way to bringing your business to a new height.