How I Met Your Mother: Could We See a Barney Stinson Spinoff, Like Joey?

When I finished How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1-9 a year ago some fans want to extend the split will remain HIMYM world alive.


Then, predictably named stripped Dad Dad and debate begin production - should be the same concept is behind the spin-off, or should be based on a HIMYM character, the fans want to know more about the life of the new program?


Greta Gerwig in a very lovely down in the lead role, ROM-COM queen Meg Ryan on board,things are looking good for the new series. This would be Sally, who also hung out at McLaren, who met her true love exists.


Until a decision is not worth it to pick up the network.The pilot episode was rejected HIMYM network CBS, despite the efforts of its competitors to shop around online, no candidates and no other plot was developed.Because Dad Dad crashes intense debate whether to create different styles Joey direct stripping.


Many fans have called Barney Stinson spin-off, given the series of Neil Patrick Harris in a scene stealing role. However, considering the already paid to the life and character of Barney's attention (at one point HIMYM really starting to feel like "Neil Patrick Harris Show," which is not necessarily a bad thing), the show could easily become a joke and a miracle might flop severe peeling friend, Joey.