A few questions about FFXIV

So I finally got my second class and I realized a few things I was wondering about.

Doing a search online it says you get a stat point every level to put on and I'm fairly certain it said that ingame to however looking at my character I certainly havn't had 15 of them in FFXIV Gil, what's up with that?

The first class I chose was a caster class with int as a primary stat so I put all my bonus stats into int. My second class however is str based are the bonus stats from each class kept separate or are they part of a pool? If I level both classes to 15 and from one of them I put all my points into int and in the other I put them all into str do I now have the bonus points of both on my toon or of just one of the classes on the class?

The number of gold spammers is amazing in this game I average more then 2 a minute. I come from a long history of mmo's and I've never seen a game this bad with them. Is it actually true what some of them are spamming is it legal to buy gil in this game??