How to Publish Your Book on Amazon

Well, now you can take action for a $99 price and some cybernetic elbow grease. These pages will show you how I did it, and odds are you may do it too. I've been reading for many years about Print On Demand, the nice new techology where you place in PDF files on one end (One for the cover, one for the interiors) and an attractive, perfect-bound, bookstore-quality book comes out the other. I have even seen the technology in motion at an document imaging tradeshow (that's my profession, by-the way.)

I have known other folks who've used Print On-demand (POD) as a means to self-publish, including my own father. If you have an opinion about shopping, you will maybe require to explore about files. My problem with that is I have no room in my own garage for books, I don't want to get involved in the act of attempting to sell and delivery books, handling results, and so on.

Suddenly, while Googling anything yesterday, I came upon some great Goo. Amazon, the online bookstore, has consumed a POD publisher called BookSurge, which makes it another Amazon section. Now I can publish it to Amazon/BookSurge, just take my book project, pay a price, and VOILA! my book is on Amazon for everybody to purchase. I-t delivers within 4-8 hours, BookSurge pays me a 25% royalty within 60 days, I will also buy five copies for my mother in a discount!