Why do we say linen is called the “Natural air conditioner”?

In ancient Egyptian, the Pharaoh's mummy was wrapped in a surprising strong linen fine cloth so that it was protected from decaying and preserved in its entirety, allowing the researchers to study them whole in fine detail.
Many relevant researches proved that linen is good at absorption of water and heat so that it is very suitable for making spring summer clothes. And that is the reason why the linen was called the “Natural air conditioner”.
Linen has good heat dispersion because it is the only one bundle fiber among all natural fibers. This kind of bundle fiber is composed of a single cell with linen colloid together, because of its no more left the air condition and the linen’s permeability ratio as high as 25% or more. Therefore, its heat-conducting property (Air permeability) is really excellent and it can quickly and effectively reduce the skin surface temperature about 4-8 DEG C.
Generally speaking, linen fabrics can reduce the body sweating more than other fabrics. The rate of water absorption of linen textile is better than silk, artificial silk, even several times faster than cotton. That’s why so many people like to wear linen clothing when the summer comes.