american greetings

MemoryTag is located in the sunny state of California--where happy, fun times are a way of life. We've been developing the best cards ever since 2007, and we think you'll be jazzed with the results! Each greeting card from our secret lab is overflowing with grooviness.
Due to the tireless efforts of Team MemoryTag, you may rest easy at night knowing that there are happy cards out there being sold at 7-Elevens and convenience stores across the United States! You may rejoice in a seizure  of ecstasy at the idea that these cards of awesome american greetings  are available right now on this website! You may run naked in the fields with the bursting realization that these epic cards of power allow you to add videos and gift cards to the recipient!So put down your smoothie and give us a high-five. You're our favorite visitor
When we're not climbing trees with the local koalas, swimming in rivers with the dolphins, or eating ice cream with magic sprinkles, f we're working together to defend all Humankind from boring cards. After all, there's nothing worse than an ugly card with no money in it. War and Famine come close..but I think we can all agree that ugly cards are worse.
You may also create a card, along with free optional video message and gift card, directly from this website! We'll mail it out for you. Easy-peasy. By the way, we're always looking for fun, creative designs that ake people happy. If you have a passion for art or design, we'd love to see your stuff! Once we approve the artwork for production, you'll get credit for the design and royalties on card sales!
MemoryTag greeting cards are not your average greeting card. For the same price as a traditional card, you may pick one up at your local retailer and scan the inside with your phone to add a custom video message or digital gift card. Surprise your friends and family with a card that genuinely makes them happy!