The Buyer Council operates to assist people obtain the abilities & assurance to control make it function best for them & their money. In China about 99% of individuals have common and electricity family size is around 3. In Asia these are 50 % and 5 respectively as well as 66% and 5. Common household size generally in most prosperous places is closer to 2.5 people.

But I guess we employed ~1000KWh a lot more than standard as a result of moving in Jan, obtaining the gates available for heated air heating and for the warm water furnace - both for a few tiny teething issues with the warmth pumps and workmen on regular events.

We hope to reduce electric use by 50% in the coming years having a fresh heat-pump (POLICEMAN for warmth of 3.8), solar thermal warm water and radiators, heat-pump clothes dryer, more DIRECTED lights, and maybe a wood-burning place for non used hearth.

Do you have propane refrigeration, as numerous appliances can consume 3 kwh daily or near your 100 kwh monthly without ever switching for a passing fancy light/lover/water push for well/fan for cooling/or computer/or cost cel phone or supplement/or any devices which might be on life such as Television when switched off.

Should you did the task oneself, you could probably do the whole thing for approximately $1600 or less and get 30% back from the feds and never visit a bill again and your from pocked price would be about a thousand dollars.You may get express refund.