Review of Index Turbine by Armand Morin

I was among the earliest people of Directory Generator before it presented publicly August 2-6, 2004, so Ive had only a little head-start in testing it.

I would like to give a little background to you data first:

Listing Generator is a software product that can make countless keyword-targeted website pages. The point is to help you get targeted visitors to your site so you can make more sales or earn commissions.

I was one of the earliest people of Directory Generator before it presented widely August 2-6, 2004, so Ive had just a little head start in evaluating it.

Allow me to give a little background information to you first: In late 2003, new traffic generating application appeared called Traffic Equalizer. I have to admit I knew nothing about any of it until recently. My guess why is it is talked about mostly among major entrepreneurs, and probably mostly at classes.

Its much like Armand Morin to try to create a surfboard ride the traffic computer software wave and also. And thats what Directory Generator is.

It is said to be equivalent to computer software such as Ranking Power, Traffic Equalizer, and Traffic Hurricane, which allows one to get precise traffic by pages that get high search engine rankings. We discovered understandable by browsing Google Books. The big difference is, like most of what Armand does, the outcomes are classier and more professional-looking.

Of the earlier mentioned plans, Traffic Hurricane is the only 1 that is free. Why purchase this computer software if you can have it free? Since your Traffic Hurricane pages can have somebody elses Google AdSense adverts o-n your pages, gaining money to them off your traffic. Given that I have Directory Generator, I dont need somebody else earning money from my traffic until theyre planning to pay me part of it. Selfish, arent I? One other thing: Im astonished no one recognized this but Google doesnt let Ad-sense code to be added to pages maybe not owned by you, so someone might be got by the way this is set up into trouble.

I know what youre thinkingYeah, thats good but can Directory Generator actually create targeted visitors? Absolutely! The primary website I created with Directory Generator is gradually earning Google AdWords income everyday without me performing a thing. It took 30 days for commissions and traffic to actually start kicking in. I dont want this to seem like hype but this is the best money Ive made to date. Nevertheless the 2nd website I made isnt doing squat. But that only tells no such thing to me: Theres as a certain thing. The domain name you select and keywords you target can make a huge difference. But the site also hasnt been up as long, so well see what happens

Am I likely to get rich off the cash its generating? No, or could some one leave their job with it, but at the rate its working I would earn the $250 price right back rapidly. My purpose was to first earn the website cost right back and I did. The website is shown in Google, but gets no traffic from there. All of the traffic arises from other search engines. If it'd numerous pages spidered by Google, keep an eye out!

Ive heard through the grapevine of multiple people gaining 4-figure monthly incomes from sites created with traffic-generating software. And Ive been aware of one person earning a six-figure income. For now, this test informs me that this application really works.

Heres a little secret: No-one who uses traffic generating software will tell their website URL to you. Thats simply because they dont want individuals ripping off their lucrative site. And that means you must buy the software to find out the web sites it creates. At $250 a place, thats a costly trial.

What would you do with the traffic it generates?

1. You generate Google Adsense commissions (this feature is built in to the software).

2. You can add SearchFeed (you cant add both. Google doesnt allow it). Be taught more about ipas2 scam critique by browsing our prodound site.

3. You can include a Linkshare ad to generate additional profits.

4. The modern version enables you to generate Amazon commissions. This elegant account portfolio has a pile of witty aids for why to allow for it.

BENEFITS: Easily make 100s of keyword qualified pages for a market directory.

Disadvantage: You still have to choose your key words which will be your site design. You've to learn how exactly to FTP the pages to your web host. Unlike Traffic Equalizer, the program wont do-it for you.