Acne Problems? - Try Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Everyone who has acne feel not so confident regarding their physical appearance and this is the main reason why they are searching for ways to prevent it from showing up. Because it is recognized to many that using chemical-based products can be dangerous, more people are employing those solution made out of natural ingredients. In connection to that, tea tree oil is just one of the most efficient natural remedies out there. This oil originated from a plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia. If you are preparing to use tea tree oil for acne, it’s crucial that you know how to use it.

What exactly Makes Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Efficient

Pure and undiluted tea tree oil contains high amounts of terpinen 4-ol. The pathogen known as Propionibacterium acnes, which frequently causes acne development, dies once in contact with this substance. Thus, the swelling and redness of acnes will be minimized if this bacteria is destroyed. Folks who let the tea tree oil for acne stay on their skin overnight witnessed visible changes where their acnes became smaller. Though acnes will still stay on your face for a couple of days before they finally fade away.

Best Way to Apply Tea Tree Oil for Acne

To experience the ideal results, apply the tea tree oil and let it stay overnight. You can rinse the oil after a few hours if ever your skin is extremely sensitive or if you don’t like the feeling of having an oil on your face. When using the tea tree oil acne treatment, dilute it in advance. The reason is that tea tree oil damages the skin if it is undiluted. A 5% solution is the safest option, which you could make by adding 95 parts of distilled water for every 5 parts of tea tree oil. Before you apply the oil, it is significant to ensure your skin is dry and clean. Moisten a cotton bud with the solution and apply it directly on the affected areas.

Pure tea tree oil is the most beneficial option to use. This is the primary reason why it is much better to buy a bottle of pure tea tree oil. Although some skin care products has a percentage of tea tree oil in them, but they are less efficient. Just to be sure, dilute the tea tree oil with water. Nevertheless, the potency of tea tree oil for acne elimination is maintained. You can also add the tea tree oil to other homemade skincare solutions. It has antimicrobial qualities so it will be a great addition.

The Suppliers of Tea Tree Oil

There are several cosmetic stores and local drug stores offering tea tree oil acne treatment. If you want, you can also purchase it on the internet. Beware of fake products though and always make certain you are purchasing genuine tea tree oil. Bogus products are not great for the skin and you will only waste your money. It is not advisable to swallow the oil. Cats can be poisoned when they accidentally drink the oil, so keep it away from your pets.

Many users agreed that tea tree oil is greater than some other skincare products they have tried because the oil has cured their acnes like magic. If used correctly, tea tree oil can get rid of acnes without causing other skin problems. This is because not like acne treatments that are made out of chemicals, tea tree oil acne treatment does not strip away the skin’s natural oil.

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