What Is IGBT FZ800R12KL4C & IGBT Gate Driver Datasheet?

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Nuclear, coal and petroleum are the world’s greatest sources of energy, powering our everyday lives.  Each day, more and more energy is consumed, hence, depleting our sources – sources that cannot be replaced, sources that form a huge part of our global problems.


As we divert to alternative sources of energy, companies supplying them face challenges in maintaining optimum performance. And it is through this idea that FZ800R12KL4C is born.


FZ800R12KL4C, a first class IGBT transistor module, changes the game in wind energy systems. Powering up wind turbines beyond limits, your community is guaranteed to have enough wind energy that will last for an extended period of time. Able to withstand harsh climates, FZ800R12KL4C assures that your wind turbines remain at their excellent performance. Finally, it’s equipped with the Emitter-Controlled Diode that reduces the IGBT’s turn-on losses and provides soft recovery.


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