How To Make a No Sew Costume Tutu Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Easy to Make Tutu Pattern with Zero Sewing Skills Required

I am in little princess heaven, with these adorable tutu dresses. You can make this easy tulle dress to fit any costume you wish. Change up the colors, to match. How about a red and black from a cute ladybug? Black and Yellow for a bee? These are too cute and will add the awesome factor into their little costumes.

I am seeing these gorgeous tulle skirts and dresses all over the place, and when I was asked to make a simple ballerina tutu skirt for one of my nieces, I was actually quite apprehensive. I had to buy my daughter several dance tutus for her displays only to be used once. Little did I know just how easy these really were to make, even my daughter joined in and had such fun making these. Not actually believing how easy and quickly they make up, until she made her first one then her second...... Most people know me for crochet, and that I really do not like sewing, so this was an amazing new experience for me, totally enjoyable. and not a needle and thread in sight.

I think this could turn out to be the most popular item I have made this year, They will sell really well at craft fairs

And with Halloween just around the corner, this is a fantastic last minute easy costume idea.

As long as you get a good deal to buy the tulle, dress skirt netting then the cost of these is pretty reasonable.

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What You Need to Get Started. - Learn How to Create all Types of Tutus

You will need Tulle, elastic sharp scissors and some time. These tutus are so popular just now I cannot make them fast enough. SO It got me thinking.

Why not set up a craft business Making and Selling these fabulous Tutus. I am making these for every little girl I know, mums Halloween tutus are loving them, but more importantly the kids are loving them, the fuller an longer the tulle the Halloween Costume Tutu better. I love this idea of the How to make tutus in DVD format, which will take you through every possible design you can think of, and give your tutus a professional finish.

Mums an photographers will love these for photo props, and kids will love them for dressing up in,

Making your TuTu Step By Step


1. Cut elastic to size for waist (we used 16 inches for an 8-9 year old) Place the elastic around a pillow or large vase or lampshade so its easy to work around,

How to cut Your Lengths of Tulle

2. Cut all your lengths of tulle to even lengths (If you buy the spools this is much easier). It is easier to measure the child or adult you are making the tutu for at this point.

Just now the popular Tutu dresses are floor length. SO for my Niece I actually made several inches longer than her hip to floor length then trimmed when she tried it on.

How to attach Your Tulle to the Elastic

3. Start by taking 1 length of tulle and creating a slip knot to secure your tulle to the Elastic, continue working like this all the way round.

4. I made 1 round of Pink then decided to add in an alternate shorter length of white to make this even fluffier.