March 29,2015

 My first post in my blog-March 29,2015

I don't know why I sudddenly decided to make my own blog. Honestly, I am not that good in English and I actually hate speaking in English. (Well "hate" is pretty strong word so let me change that a bit) I don't hate English, its just that I don't like it. cheeky I don't know why? I mean I like reading books that was written in English and I like watching international movies.Mhmmm.. So don't expect that my grammar is good and all correct...indecision Anyway, THIS IS MY FIRST POST IN "MY OWN BLOG" wohoooo!!!..smiley Let me first tell you my story why I came up a decision to put up a blog. This afternoon when I was watching "The Ring" (2002) it suddenly pop up in my mind "why not make my own blog?" And then I said why not? its SUMMER!!! I can do whatever I want and it will help me to express my emotions to the person I hate by writing. Instead of writing it in a paper and have a cramp in my hand, I should write it down on computer and none of my relatives will know it. Brilliant right?