Six state imply that men start aging

As a pillar of male friends at home, facing the dual pressures of work and life, do not pay attention to their maintenance (72hp), often take their own lives consumed in life, early on the body there have been some large and small situation. Today will tell you some of the men began to appear aging characteristics, male friends you had better pay attention to Kane.
State one: visually impaired
Into the cause of the peak period, mental and psychological pressure increases, causing endocrine disorders and blood circulation, causing hair loss, hair thinning gradually.
State three: hearing loss
Inner ear nerve blood circulation is not good, there will be hearing a downward trend. In addition, under the influence of noise, when young people may feel for the extent of damage to hearing is not obvious, but after about 30 years of experience hearing loss can significantly harm.
State four: athletic ability is weak
On the stairs, after running asthma, lung function began to decline instructions. Studies have shown that if a scientific exercise, people began to weaken in lung function after 20 years.
Status six: Tired
30 year old man (72hp) at work or in life, if energy is always bad, depressed, may be large or endocrine changes caused by psychological stress. This shows that androgen levels have declined.