How can kidney male massage

How can kidney male massage? Massage is a good way to health through massage can open up the vein and affordable, the key lies in men's health and kidney, kidney that how massage can do, how massage can achieve good results, let's look together following several massage methods, After the home right on by pressing it.
A massage lumbosacral
Cultivation aid of (72hp) TCM massage area as well as lumbosacral. You can sit on a chair, hands fingers close together, palms appropriate force, while rubbing the sides of the lumbosacral region, for 5 minutes or so. Then two thumb rubbing Shenshu, Vital Points, each 1-2 minutes. Then rub with palm cross Shenshu, Vital, eight liao points site to diathermy appropriate.
Second, massage the lower abdomen
Mainly for small abdomen, genitalia between the navel to the sides to the front left and right iliac spine to the limits. Massage, lying in bed, his hands placed on the lower abdomen in the middle stacked, pressed the abdomen, slowly massage to the frequency of 10 times per minute or so, until hot feeling in the lower abdomen is appropriate. Massage sustainable 5 minutes.
Third, massage testicles
Men (72hp) before bedtime and wake up in bed, legs naturally straight, slightly apart. Rub your hands in one hand and hold the lower abdomen, the other hand thumb, 
Kidney is the birth of a man is the main organ health, the kidney is fine enough gas will be more manly enough. Rise and Fall of the kidney have a significant impact on the human body rise and fall, so the kidney can live longer, regather, male friends quickly massage