What to eat kidney essence conditioning

Men kidney should eat what food? Man appeared kidney, the harm is very large, and small kidney essence, it will also affect male fertility, so the following small series recommended for men that can help effectively solve Several therapeutic approach of this disease.
1, papaya black seaweed soup
Ingredients: papaya half, kelp 50 grams, half Wuji Codonopsis two.
Ingredients: 200 grams of fresh yam, dried lotus seeds and meat 20, medlar 20 grams, white fungus 6, a small amount of sugar.
Ingredients: 30 g sea clams, cuttlefish 6, Rehmannia 10 grams, Codonopsis 2, ginger 20 grams.
Practices: sea clams, squid washed, squid and cut into sections, ginger pat, along with the rest of the ingredients into the jar without oil, add water immersion materials, simmer over low heat 2 hours, pot when adding 3 grams of salt. Avoid too much salt, because salty will hurt the kidneys.
This Road soups to sea clams, squid and other things cold salty yin tonic, with ginger in addition to cold, Codonopsis Qi Sheng Jin. Intercourse in shortness of breath, coma and confused, Chinese medicine called "trouble." This situation is often more common in work pressure, long-term emotional poor, resulting in fewer sexual life, quality is not high office workers. Qi Sanjie can drink beverages to adjust.
Recommended above that several foods to help men solve kidney essence less (72hp), can bring good results, so it is hoped that these common sense to know that when men face this problem, you can try using the above recommended, these therapeutic methods, to better ensure the health of men.