My Business Plan

I want to have an online shop


I have come to decision that I want to start a business. Even though this is still my first year in university, but I just want to have a business that can give me extra money for daily live. I can`t really always ask mum and dad to pay everything for me. I want to be entrepreneur too. Work part time is not really my thing, so I think having an online shop is the best choice at the moment.


Then, what to sell?


I think sell clothes online still the best idea. I can sell it to my college friends, right? Maybe I should choose affordable clothes to my shop, like usps t shirts, cap, tees, and couple t shirt. There are many websites allow me to have online shop even without having any product with me, like Cafepress. That`s a good start for my business plan. Let`s get this business started!