Fun discovery at claim baggage

It was a fun shopping day


There is this shop called claim baggage where we can find many things for cheaper price. As its name suggested, claim baggage gets their stuff from unclaimed baggage at airport across the America. I never been here before, so when mum drive us there, I am getting excited!


It was fun day


The first time I entered the shop, I immediately feel astonished with all the collections. I can`t find snowboards, sunglasses, bags, underwear, toys, even iPads! And there were so many people that day. I walked to clothes section and saw some branded dresses, t shirts and even bunch of usps t shirts. They have almost everything.


My shopping cart is happy


At the end, I bought two jackets, three t shirts, two sun glasses, one deer wooden statue and key chains from Holland. It was fun discovery at the shop and I wish to come back again anytime soon.