Copy Cat

Here is the story of copy cat


I opened usps t shirts  from my desk`s computer at office earlier this morning. I was doing that because our team supervisor needs opinions about our new uniform. So I think perhaps that website will help because they are not only selling usps t shirts but also can make custom t shirt. But someone from the team saw what I was doing and she hijacked my idea.


I was so angry


When we have meeting before lunch, I was about to tell him my opinions and suggestions, but that friend got the chance to speak first. I was so shock because she said the same thing as I planned before. A real copy cat lives in my office, actually. I was so pissed because she was stealing my idea and seems like the supervisor likes her idea which is my idea, actually.


She smiled at me when the boss showed the enthusiasm to her idea. I talked to her during launch and she didn`t admit if she stole my idea. I was so mad until I can`t speak anymore. Even though today was bad, at least I know we have traitor or copy cat in our team and I need to be careful next time.