'IT' (otherwise referred to as HD 36405.b) is not your typical 'oddball' exo-solar earth made of rock that wobbles on its end & zips around a near-by star in less than 2.46 days.

Seeking a spot of serenity somewhere in the market, I recently arranged a deep-discount phony berth on the 'White Elephant Express Space Shuttle', to a little known place in a galaxy far, far away.

If truth be told, (after reading random excerpts from 'The Itty Bitty Bunkum Book About Life, the Universe & Practically Every thing Under the Sun As Well As Stuff Going O-n In Remote Galaxies), I was ostensibly delirious. According to its observed author, Dr. Jarn Leffer, 'IT'S a 'must-see' for all those with little time on their hands & a separate interest in Innocuous Things.'

Many linear thinkers have a good deal of trouble also comprehending why in the world some one inside their 'right mind' will be involved in visiting a world called 'I-T.' Not being a linear thinker with the investment in the 'right' answer, I didn't give a hoot. After all, what does one (who walks on water & listens to miffed mortals all day long) do for a evening off, now I ask you?

As planets get, 'I-T' can be a ho-hum celestial pit-stop with perhaps one exception. the welcome observe that says, 'Cosmic Cowboys - Welcome to the farthest untouched outreaches of the Galaxy. Home for the Flop Fairy & Oodles of Gadflies'!

'IT' is populated by colonies of giggling, green grasshoppers. This pushing galaxy tab 4 10.1 case paper has various pushing warnings for why to see it. What else would you be prepared to occupy a far-flung, fantasy-challenged hellhole similar to this? But, what made 'IT' strictly speaking a strange place was the truth that the people eat on green, biodegradable garbage bags for fun. Missing masticating functions, the gadflies approach their food by strongly getting up & down on it. No wonder they have no requirement for fast-food companies, strip centers or landfills!

To put 'IT' bluntly, life on 'IT' is afraid of the tittynope*. The jolly green grasshoppers & the watchfully manicured green fairways with s-and traps in terms of the eye can see certainly make for a totally harmless world. Regrettably, with out a pair of golf clubs, a lumpy white ball, & the idea that 19th hole even exists with this planet -- 'IT' is approximately as fun as bag of toads!

Anyway, I found this attractive postcard of the blessed ballyhooing buglugs. they seem perfectly happy but don't be deceived. In fact, they're a group of glad-handing grasshoppers. They do not play golf, consume burgers, or drink alcohol -- & nothing can frost a stone! Come to think of it, independent of the organization of insects & the elusive flop fairy, this world has precious little choosing IT!!

Life Lesson 42: Be sure you speak to your travel agent before ever embarking on a flight of fancy to a planet called 'IT' in a galaxy named 'Have-a-Nice-Day'!!


If you want to understand what these green, glad-handing grasshoppers from 'IT' seem like -- question any four-year old, or failing that request some help from a Flying Saucer Club member. For a second interpretation, please check-out: tab 4 10.1 case.

*'Tittynope' for-you whiffling word-peckers means 'a little volume of something remaining.'.