Infineon IGBT Gate Driver Distributor - FZ600R12KS4 High Intelligent Power Module

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Power up your solar converters beyond their limits! The ultimate solution: Eupec Infineon FZ600R12KS4, the super high power IGBT transistor modules that you can count on for a lifetime.


This Infineon IGBT gate driver module has incomparable features that make countless buyers of solar converters choose it over ordinary transistor modules.  Certified by the UL and CSA, it is unlike any typical module and can operate and withstand extreme temperature.


FZ600R12KS4 has a modified switching attribute such as decreased switching losses.  It allows soft recovery and has previous packages that provide greater current capabilities.  RoHS compliance guarantees the product’s safety and security.


With its incredible features, FZ600R12KS4 is the perfect IGBT transistor module that is also compatible to other applications such as CAVs, UPS, Induction heating and a lot more!


Visit today to experience the power of Infineon IGBT FZ600R12KS4.



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