Say something about 500W H500 LED high bay light

Today, I want to talk about my thinking about the recent online shopping. Recently, I have bought some LED high bay light from LED light supplier china and I think it is a wonderful experience about online shopping. Do you have interest to listen to this experience?


To begin with, I was doubt the quality and other factors about the products when I buy it from the online store. After all, the LED products are fragile. However, the reality has confirmed that I was wrong. The quality of the products is very good, and the products are perfect when I got it as there is no fragile place. The most interesting thing is that I bought some T8 LED lights from T8 LED tube light suppliers. I was hesitating when I talk with the supplier. He just told me do not worry about the products. Everything is okay. However, I just said that you are the seller; your words have no confidence. The supplier is confused at that time. Now I was regret that I talk to them with that way. What’s more, we can talk some features about the LED high bay light which is the main product I bought from online store. 1.CREE XBD LED Chip inside, High light output>90Lm/W, High CRI>80; 2.Patent DIMLTM Lens, high efficiency>92%, Anti-glare Diamond quality; 3.Absolutely unique mold, make your lighting special and fantastic; 4.World Top class LED driver Inside, PF>0.9 5.Advanced  thermal  management  technology. 6. Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Heat, Thunder Protection, led high bay light 7.5 Years warranty of mean well PS, leave no worries about quality, enjoying the qualified green life. 8. Operational condition: Temperature -40~60 Humidity 10%~90%RH


Of course, I also want to buy LED flexible light strip now. Can you join me and try this new way of buying things from online?