Mineral Thickener Working Principle and Characteristics

Mineral Thickener from Xinhai ,the great Mineral Thickener manufacturer is based on gravity sedimentation of solid-liquid separation equipment, usually on the grounds of concrete, wood or metal welded plate as a structural material built with tapered cylindrical shallow groove bottom.

Solids weight of 10% to 20% of the pulp can be settling by gravity concentrate thickener upgraded to solid content of 45% to 55% of the underflow slurry, and then with the installation in slow-running machine in the thick (1/3 ~ 1 / 5r / min) the role of rake, so that by the end of the thickened slurry stream mouth thickener underflow bottom unloading. Supernatant (overflow) produced by concentration, to remain in the thickener is discharged from the upper portion of the annular chute top.

Mineral Thickener is widely used in hydrometallurgy, mineral processing plant, chemical plants and other needs of the solid-liquid separation enrichment mine production equipment, with a diameter 3 ~ 100m, depth of 2 ~ 4m. Currently thickener their drive way there are three main points, including the first two of the more common:

1. Hydraulic Motor Driving Center Thickener . Typically such smaller diameter thickener, generally within 24 meters of the majority.

2. surrounding the roller wheel drive type thickener, the more common medium-sized thickener. Drive the car drive by its name, usually about 53 meters in diameter, there are 100 meters.

3. surrounding rack drive type thickener. Such basic diameter of 53 meters or more, but now with less.

The main features of the thickener are:

(1) increase the degassing tank to prevent solid particles attached to the bubble, like "parachute" settlement.

(2) to the mine is located below the surface of the tube, to prevent the mine when the gas into.

(3) the sleeve down to the mine, and a subject trays, so to enter the pulp evenly, steadily falling, effectively preventing the excess pressure caused the mine to turn to spend phenomenon.

(4) additional weir, so that the material required to travel flows, preventing a "short circuit" phenomenon.

(5) the weir to the jagged, improved due to the level of the weir is not a local phenomenon caused by suction drainage.

(6) the finger by a slash to the linear curve type, so that not only the center of the rake pulp, and returned to the center of a "backlog" of force, so that the bottom row of ore flow at high concentrations, thereby increasing processing power.

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