What is the Egyptian cotton?

The Egyptian cotton, also be called the Egyptian long staple cotton, which has enjoyed a good and long reputation in the world. It was known as the "platinum" in fact.
Egyptian cotton is native to the subcontinent of South Asia and it needs warmth and rainwater to grow. Just because the subcontinent of South Asia is hot and rainy so that it is very suitable for the growth of the Egyptian cotton. Generally speaking, the tropical grassland, temperate zone and tropical monsoon area are all suitable for its growth.
And the types of Egyptian cotton mainly include several kinds, like GIZA 45, GIZA 70, GIZA 86 and other varieties. The yield of 70 GIZA type is the largest, accounting for about 75% of the total output of Egyptian cotton; and GIZA 86 is about 10%; and the quality of GIZA 45 is the best in all aspects, such as the length of the physical indicators, but little production. As a matter of course, GIZA 70 is the mainstream variety on the market, and Chinese enterprises just mainly import this type of Egyptian long staple cotton.