Cutting crease rule for availing accurate dimension

Cutting crease rule for availing accurate dimension

Rules is considered to be an equipment that is manufactured for cutting cartons, thick sheets, cardboard or other type of products in equal sizes and shapes. These are said to be created keeping in mind the industry’s international standards for making sure that each and every materials, which is used for the purpose of production and manufacturing is of appropriate dimension, size and quality.

Using latest technology

The modern and sophisticated equipments that are available these days are fully automatic SERVO and PLC based following international standard of production line for producing Rules according to the IADD standards. The best companies in the world are known to make use of the very best and high quality tempered and hardened high carbon steel, following the current European standards. They would boast of having their plants to be equipped for producing Rules and Blades of thickness around 1.5 to 6 PT having height range from about 18 to 40 mm. They also possess a good production capacity to fulfill their clients orders.

There are Blades and Rules which are available in the form of a coil and of 1 meter, which is termed to be a standard cut length. Also, we are engaged in manufacturing and development for the printing industry. A good manufacturer also boasts of having in-house CAM and CAD manufacturing and designing facilities, with computerized and fully automatic CNC machines.

Through hardened rule: These types of rules are said to have similar hardness at edge and the body.

Steel cutting rule: Only the Rule’s tip in this type is hardened to its maximum possibility. The Rule’s body is made much soft for achieving better bend quality having rules of suitable run length.

It is very much essential for any organization that requires Rules and Blades to choose a good manufacturer that has reputation, certification and experience in the market.