The Benefits of Using Pulpboard Coasters

Sometimes, pulpboard coasters are regarded as unnecessary pieces, but I beg to disagree. These pieces are truly small, thin, almost unnoticeable and underrated, but they play quite a role especially in bars, lounges, family restaurants, and similar places. They are also referred to as “beer mats” and for bars in particular, they help keep the counters drier for longer, therefore saving a lot of effort on the part of the bartender. These durable coasters are not just decorative but highly functional as well when it comes to keeping the bar moisture-free.


Another thing I like about pulpboard coasters is how it can strengthen the presence of your brand. Your logos and brand name can be printed on these paper coasters and by doing so, it acts as a form of subtle advertising, too! It helps increase the recall your customers have for your logo or brand. Since these things can come in various shapes and sizes, you can expect versatility and performance from this thick and long-lasting kind of paper coaster.


Last but not the least, they can be great giveaways or promotional items when you have events. Pulpboard coasters come at reasonable prices and given their functionality, they can be great promotional items if you would like to charm your customers or simply make them remember you by giving them a small token of your appreciation. If you wish, you can even place contact information on the coaster itself so it can be a much stronger form of brand advertising that may lead to business calls!


These pieces offer durability and functionality that businesses need to make the most out of each giveaway. You can set a great image for your bar or restaurant when you add coasters. Your customers will love this extra touch of thoughtfulness from you!