Food and beverage packaging design has over the years experienced quite a lot of vivid changes in terms of enhanced appearance and reduced cost. It has also increases the benefits of customer convenience with their easy-to-open and easy-to-close tabs, re-sealable lids, microwave compatible packaging, light- weight packs, easy-to pour, easy-to-serve and easy-to-serve facilities, carry-out packaging, and many more.


A most obvious food beverage package designing trend is product visualization. Since consumers desire to buy quality food products, processed food manufacturers use eye catchy outer cover colors and designs. They also spend money on carrying out analytical study of the nutrient contents of their products so as to facilitate food labeling.


Apart from facilitating the purposes of product visualization and labeling, packaging also facilitates the containing of the food packed inside, be it solid, liquid, semi-solid, gel, or powder. The packaging material should be compatible with the product contained else there will be undesirable reactions that may even be health- hazardous.


Furthermore, packaging also ensures the protection of the food that it contains. The right packaging ensures the food quality required by the end- consumer till the expiry date mentioned on its outer cover. This also includes preserving the nutritional value mentioned on it. Besides, it also protects the food and beverage products contained from spilling and leaking.


Packaging also plays the role of communicating information to the end- consumer. It conveys information regarding the product it contains. This may be about the method of preserving it, cooking instructions, potential allergens for certain group of consumers, nutritional content, quality of the product, processing of the product, and much more. Using of certain color themes and logos of the specific manufacturer is also enabled by food packaging. This in turn enables food branding of the product concerned. This is vital in the promotion of the food or beverage product.