What a day!

I woke up with a start.  It was seven am already! And yours truly was still in bed...

' Today is gonna be a good day". I told myself as I got out of bed after saying a short prayer. It felt odd praying since it had been quite a while since i prayed. Not that I nolonger believed in God,I just felt like He was too busy attending to other believers' needs to care about me. The past few months had been quite hectic. I felt drained, abandoned...like my life just didn't matter any more. But that was going to change today. I was going to channel all my energies into doing something productive today.

As I got to take a shower, I realized that there was no soap. I decided to go and borrow my sister's shower gel. She gave me one mean look and told I couldn't use it. I retreated to the kitchen feeling sad a little and took the multi purpose 'ushindi' bar soap. I went to the bathroom,showered while humming a happy tune.

My sister and I had never really gotten along. To the outside world, we were the perfect example of how sisters should relate with each other, but at home er her home,things were different. We only get to talk in the presence of our cousin with whom we stay. My sister's moods change so fast you can't know how she's gonna take whatever you tell her. One minute she's happy that and pushing you to succeed in life, the other she's criticizing and telling you you'll never amount to much.That is what this  blog is going to be centered around,my life in my sister's house. I hope you enjoy it.

After my cold shower,I couldn't dare take a hot one for fear of being reminded of the electricity bill, I got ready for work. I work in an ICT company as an administrator and earn the minimum wage. My salary is nothing to write home about, but I prefer going to work than sitting at home doing nothing and being reminded every single minute that I'm a burden .Not that I don't help with the house expenses. Every month,after tithing, half of what remains goes to my mum in the village, a third to buying whatever is needed at home and the remaining as my fare to and from work. 

We live in Nairobi's Eastlands while I work in Westlands so I have to commute each day to and from work. Lunch is a meal I long gave up since I can't afford it. I therefore carry two bananas to the office to snack on over lunch time. My sister runs a supplies company while my cousin is in college. I think she only tolerates me because I'm her sister. I have thought of moving in with my pals before but my mum wont let me. So  in the meantime I have to live with someone who doesn't talk to me in the name of putting up a united family front.

On my way to work,I kept asking God why I had to be in this situation. Since I wasn't getting any answers, I gave up and decided to concentrate on my day at work. Everyone in the office seemed to be in a good mood. Henry,the technician even said that it was gonna be a great week and I believed him. Even our somehow grumpy boss Klein seemed happy today.

I forgot my bad morning, took a cup of coffee and got working, making calls, confirming orders, dispatching the drivers to collect orders or deliver to clients. I love my job, if only the salary was good... 'This too shall pass", I thought to myself. I remembered to call a pal of mine to remind him to register our company. I smiled as I thought to myself how things were going to be when we had our own events company....