Alive & Free Hypnosis Reviewed

Alive & Free Hypnosis Reviewed

** A note of thanks to all of you – and a word to future clients ***


If you’re reading this – you are sitting where I was.  And you are skeptical, like I was.  Heck – I wasn’t even ‘ready’ to quit smoking – but I received a free consultation so who could turn that down?


I’d tried everything else (patch, pill, this, that, the other) but I’d never tried this and it’s always been my belief that you can’t say you’ve ‘failed’ at something until you’ve ‘tried’ everything.


Firstly – no, they are not going to hypnotize you like a circus act – their approach is so much more than that.  Second – they fully guarantee their program to assist you in getting to your goal.  So, off I went on my journey with hypnosis.


One HUGE difference became apparent immediately!  This is THE FIRST time I’ve ever had someone solely dedicated to my quitting.  The pill, patch, etc., don’t offer this ‘one on one’ approach.  I successfully quit – and have Alive and Free to thank!!


So – for what it’s worth – I highly recommend you DO the hypnosis Stop Smoking program – it worked for me and I NEVER thought it would. The staff was great!


Good Luck – although you won’t need it!  - Paul Taurns